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Dutch mortgage

Being an expat doesn't mean you can't buy a property in the Netherlands. Depending on your personal situation you could be able to arrange a Dutch mortgage. At the moment the average interest rate is still interesting. Besides that the interest is still deductible, if the property is used as your main residence.   


Don't you want to deal with a company which understands your specific personal situation, with advice and forms in English and knowledge about the tax rules? We will assist you with arranging a mortgage and also with all the tax consequences involved.


The whole procedure may take some time and personal contact is preferred since a mortgage has to fit your requirements. You may decide to leave the Netherlands again and then you don't want to be confronted with an extra debt you didn't expect.


Van Pamelen Finance sees it as its primary task to serve the interests of its clients. To ensure they receive the best, unambiguous and independant advice and trusted professional and reliable service. This is just a glimpse of the sorts of tasks that this process involves – the things we do for you.